Antivirus software - My Pc Was Hacked!

Computer Computer Software Antivirus software - My Pc Was Hacked!

Let me tell you about how my pc was infected with tons of dangerous softwares that I didn't know about.

I am very secure when it comes to my computing, I never visit dangerous sites, I never download all that much, and I manage to always run a nice scan with my tools to make sure that my computer is clean and not infected.

One day I was using my computer and It felt a bit slow and sluggish, I was wondering what was up, I started running my tools and saw that my pc had a trojan virus on it, a trojan virus is very fangerous, these viruses can be softwares that steal and record your information and keystrokes, and then email it back to the person that installed them.

The whole point of this short article is to let you know that I was able to clean my pc and get rid of this nasty little software before it had done any real damage, read my Antivirus Software Reviews and protect your pc today!

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LB is a security consultant that helps secure pcs and networks.

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