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If you have ever deal with the software industry, you should have been definitely faced with some meanings of phrases or words you didn’t get. So we’ve decided to help everyone who is in touch with the software industry to get some common understanding of the typical and widespread slang terms which can be met in software development testing.

And to make this list look more impressive, we ask you to fill the section for the comments if you have anything to add (meaning some slang terms we didn’t mention).

Here is this top list:

  • Dogfooding: It’s when an organization is testing its internal personal software before releasing it to beta
  • Low hanging fruit: Simple kind of work which is over with short order
  • WAG: Wild Ass Guess
  • SWAG: Scientific Wild Ass Guess
  • Staging: A level before the production environment which is the development
  • Automagically: Means something that happens in software which is either too much complicated for explaining, or the one who describes this process has no idea how it works at all
  • Quick and Dirty: A fast and easy solution to a challenging problem
  • Showstopper: A glitch that turns software into being unusable
  • Brown-bagger: A very disconcerting glitch discovered just after release
  • Whack-a-mole: The act of getting rid of a glitch over and over again, just for having it continuously reappear; sometimes used to describe other glitches that spring up in a cluster around the original glitch that you’re trying to fix or retest
  • Drink the Kool-Aid: The lack of objectivity
  • Heavy lifting: Hard and intensive work
  • SoLoMo: Social (stands for “So”), location (for - “Lo”), and mobile (for - “Mo”) – these are testing components of most mobile apps
  • Burndown: a graphical presentation of work left to do versus time
  • FUBAR: Means f..cked up beyond all recognition
  • PEBKAC: some kind of problem existing between keyboard and chair
  • RTFM: Means to read f..cking manual
  • Fast-track: Speeding up the progress of a project
  • Clocking: When you test an application or a web site and the browser timer spins
  • COMS: Careless Omissions and Mistakes – when those obvious glitches s slip past.

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