Which is the best way of treating colorectal cancer?

Cancer Colon and Rectal Cancer Which is the best way of treating colorectal cancer?

When the doctors decide to treat colorectal cancer they pay attention in what stage is the cancer situated. If the colon cancer is in the first stages the treatment will be different as if it was in the last stages. The age of the patient, its medical history and tolerance for certain medication will guide the doctor in establishing the most proper treatment method.

The most common method of treating cancer is surgery. This means that a partial bowel resection will be done in order to remove the tumor and a little bit of healthy colon tissue. After that the two healthy pieces of the colon will be sewed together. Sometimes the doctor can not sew the two heads of the colon and will be forced to make a hole on the surface of the body in order to create another anus, also known as a colostomy. This second anus will not be kept forever, it will be kept until the colon heals and can be sewed back. Sometimes if the situation is bad and the colon can not be saved, this colostomy will be permanent. The patient will further need a special bag made for collecting the body wastes. These bags are only for one use and are not able to be seen due to clothing and are easy to replace even by the patient.

Surgery can also be performed with the help of the laparoscope. The surgeon will make small incisions in the abdomen and through them he will introduce the pieces of the laparoscope inside the body. The surgery resembles with the classical one.

Chemotherapy tries to stop cancerous cells from growing or dividing. There can be used oral drugs or drugs injected into the vein or muscle that will reach the cancer cells by entering the bloodstream, and is called systemic chemotherapy. Another type of chemotherapy is the regional chemotherapy when the chemotherapy is placed directly into the cancerous area.

Another type of cancer therapy is the one based on radiations. For killing the cancer cells, there are two types of radiation therapy used: one is the external therapy meaning that a machine situated near the body will transmit radiation towards the cancerous area; the second method is the internal therapy based on radioactive substance sealed in needles and catheters that will be placed in the sick area of the body.

Patients will be guided in the process of choosing a treatment by their doctor who will explain them the procedures, the efficiency and the side effects of all therapies.

Until now surgery seems to be the most effective therapy option but for a maximum effect it should be applied along with chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
Side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy are possible and they might be: fatigue, bowel movement, diarrhea and the loss of appetite.

After treatment is done the patient will need several check-ups in order to prevent eventual coming backs of the cancer. If the patient observes loss of weight, and blood in the stool these might be the signs of a recurrence of the disease. Colonoscopy, CT and MRI scanning can be done after one year since treatment was done.

New therapy refers to the use of monoclonal antibodies, immunotherapy, and even vaccines, but these are still on trials and scientists want to see their exact effectiveness.

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For greater resources on colon cancer or especially about colon cancer symptoms please visit this link www.colon-cancer-center.com/colon-cancer-symptoms.htm

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