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As the temperature keeps dropping, do you find your little one still begging to put on his swim trunks or for your little girl to play in her pettiskirt? Even though the season has changed, it is possible that you have not updated your little one’s trendy baby clothes for the winter months. Lollipop Moon’s top baby boutique has all of the winter essentials your little ones need. Here are the top trendy baby clothes and hip kid clothes you need to stock up on for the winter months.

1.     Long Sleeved Tees – Find several long sleeved tees that you like. They can be plain or full of personality like the long sleeved tees designed by Lollipop Moon. These tees will serve many different purposes. For one, they are comfortable for your little one to play in around the house or at preschool. You can rest assured knowing your little one is staying warm but not too warm. Long sleeved tees are also the perfect solution for layering. Little girl’s hip kid clothes, like dresses can be made warmer with the use of long sleeved shirts.

Long sleeved shirts can be used for layering other hip kid clothes too. If your little guy will only wear his Superman shirt, which is not warm enough for the cold weather outside. Avoid a fight and tantrum by layering your little one’s favorite short-sleeved shirt over a long sleeved one. Long sleeved shirts are also cute under vests and boleros. Our top picks for long sleeved shirts are the Punk Prep Kids T- Shirt and the WHITE Rock Guitar Kids T- Shirt.
2.     Leggings and Tights – For little girls, leggings and tights can add a dash of fashion and warmth to any hip kid clothes outfit. Just pair a cute pair of leggings with a dress, pettiskirt, or skirt to turn a summer fashion into a winter fashion immediately.

Leggings are not just for girls either. The fun Huggalugs line on Lollipop Moon has boy leggings too that will look great with several trendy baby clothes outfits. Just check out the Huggalugs L'il Pirate or the Huggalugs By The Ocean for fun boy fashions. For boys, pair leggings with onesies or under sweatpants for a fun and warm look.

3.     Hooded Jackets – The one hip kid clothes essential you cannot forget to stock up on this season is hooded jackets. Zip-up hooded jackets are best because they are easy to take on and off and can be layered with other warm winter clothes.

The hooded jackets by Lollipop Moon are cute for boys and girls. Little boys will look cool in the Silver Skull Hooded Jacket or the Rock Star Hooded Jacket. Both of these styles are cool kids clothes that they will want to wear. Girls can look fashionable in the Big Colorful Butterfly Rhinestud Hooded Jacket or the Heart with Wings Hooded Jacket. Forget character hoodies when your little one can look fashionable with these zip-up hooded jackets. We recommend having enough hooded jackets to keep one in the car, one at Grandma’s and one at home. This way your little one will always be warm and fashionable, even when you forget grab their coat on the way out.
Get your winter essentials now for your little ones. They make the perfect kid and baby gifts. Your little one will have the perfect amount of clothing to last them until spring with Lollipop Moon’s fashions.

Article By: Vinny Vinisha

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