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For many people a convertible car is something that they dream of owning. Traditionally convertibles have had a high price tag attached to them, which means that for many people they are priced over their budget for a new car. However with Vauxhall's latest convertible offering many people are keener than ever to get behind the wheel of one of these vehicles.

One of the best things about the band new Vauxhall Cascada is the reasonable price tag that is attached to it. As convertibles go, this vehicle is cheap enough to be affordable for many people who previously thought they might not have enough money.

It can be easy to assume that because the price tag is so reasonable that it will lack in features however one thing about the Vauxhall Cascada is that it has loads of amazing features, so you really won't be missing out!
What Do You Get For Your Money?

As you would expect from a car of this calibre it is designed with comfort and elegance in mind. If you buy one of these, you can be sure of car that catches people's eyes for all of the right reasons.

On top of that there are a number of driving features which means that driving one of these is smooth and easy. There are a number of advance driver assistance features including the Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) which is a front camera system that helps to make sure you don't miss hazard signs and even changes in speed limits.

The rear-view camera teams up with this to help you park safely - no more misjudging the distance and scraping your car on an inconveniently placed bollard!
All of these features are designed to make driving as easy and fun as possible. We are lucky that technology can make driving easier for us, and with the Vauxhall's latest convertible you could be driving around in a great looking car that has all the features you could possibly need!

Want to know more about Vauxhall’s latest convertible? The Vauxhall website will be able to help!

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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