Why Print Postcards In This Digital Age?

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   For the past decade or so, more and more people are sending digital greeting cards and postcards rather than investing in printing. This is quite understandable as digital can be sent faster, made quicker and a lot cheaper.

   However, if you really look at it, there is still some value in actually developing and sending physical kinds of color postcards today. Even in the world of mobile phones and computers, the classics have something to say and have a role to fill. Let me give you all the important facts so that you can understand why this is so.

   1.     For a more personal touch to a greeting – Your own custom postcards allow for a more personal touch to a greeting. While certainly you can easily customize and personalize, there is still nothing like receiving a card with REAL handwriting in it. This invokes a powerful personal reaction, something that an online or electronic card still has a hard time communicating. If you really want to reach out and make an impact on people, printing is the way to go. That is why there is still a use and a role for color printing.

   2.     For a more impressive feel – Another big reason why you should still print is to give that more impressive feel. While certainly online cards can look impressive, there are other types that can be more powerful and eye catching. For example, printed types can have glittery or glossy inks that gleam and even twinkle in the light. In addition, some cards can have embedded elements, folded elements and even pop out elements. These all contribute to an extra impressive feel that e-cards cannot really achieve. If you want to be extra impressive, printing cards is the way to go.
   3.     For a more assured delivery – With all the spam that people receive in their email inboxes lately, there is already a high chance of people actually missing your e-cards in the process. The fact that you are emailing a link to someone to visit a still unknown web page can easily be misconstrued as commercial marketing email or even worse, the ones that contain viruses. By printing and sending them yourself, you are actually getting a more assured delivery of your message. People will definitely receive cards especially if you send them via reliable courier services and postal services.

   4.     For people to keep it as a memorable keepsake – Finally, it is still important in this digital age because when you give them away, people can actually keep them as memorable keepsake. Unlike the digital kind that disappears when you already turn off the computer, a real one can be kept as a memento. This gives a lot more meaning and power that everyone can actually appreciate the fact that they can be kept as a future remembrance. So if you want to be truly remembered by people, print them out beautifully and send them out well.

   Now you know why you still would want to print postcards in this digital age. Actual such still have their role to play really and in fact, they can be more special and powerful than the digital kind in some aspects. So do not be afraid and print now.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print postcards and postcard printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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