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The phrase single customer view is used in connection with data firms hold about their customers. In most cases, firms hold details about their customers across several departments and areas of the business. Firms that draw all the information they hold about a client into one place they are effectively creating a single customer view, in other words a complete snapshot of each customer containing everything known about each customer.

Why Create a Single Customer View?

Having information about clients spread throughout a company is not usually done deliberately it happens naturally because of the way in which the business works. In some ways, this is not a big issue, but allowing this situation to continue un-checked has some disadvantages. In many cases, you will be duplicating the entry of information, which is a waste of resources. In addition, when something about the customer changes you have to update multiple databases. This is also a waste of time and resources and there is a real danger that some databases will not be correctly updated, which could cause confusions and breakdowns in customer service.
The Advantages of Having a Single Customer View

As well as improving the accuracy of the data, you hold on a customer a SVC, or single customer view, has other advantages. You can save yourself a lot of time when you arrange the data you hold about clients in this way.

Being able to look at a client in their entirety can also help you to grow your business. It is especially useful from a sales and marketing point of view. At a glance you can see they goods or services clients are buying from all departments. This can allow you to target your marketing of new products or services to clients who are more likely to be interested in buying them.

Creating a single customer view can be done far more easily than you may think. There are firms out there that will take your existing databases, clean them up and link them together. They will then use that freshened up data to create a SVC database you can maintain and use to grow and streamline your business.

SCV QBase can help you to produce a single customer view database and maintain it in the future.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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