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Not everybody understands what is meant by database marketing. However, it is actually quite simple. Any firm that carries out marketing campaigns has a list of contact details, which they refer to when they send out marketing materials. In its simplest form this is a list of businesses and either postal addresses or e-mail addresses.

Most firms restrict their marketing to their current customer base. However, increasingly people understand that this is not the best approach. There are thousands and thousands of potential customers out there, therefore why not send them marketing? As a result, increasingly firms are turning to specialist data providers and management firms.

Database Marketing From The Data Octopus
Quite a few of them are using database marketing from The Data Octopus.

The Data Octopus is a well-established data management firm. They have a good reputation within the industry and many of their customers come back to them repeatedly.

Why Use Database Marketing From The Data Octopus for Your Company?

The range of services offered by the company is extensive. Their core data service is providing marketing lists to companies. Their lists are kept up-to-date and are regularly cleansed and edited. As a result, firms that use their marketing lists get good results.
In addition, The Data Octopus helps firms to analyse and cleanse their own data marketing databases. They quickly remove duplicate and defunct entries so that firms are not wasting time marketing to companies that have gone out of business or moved premises.

Database marketing from The Data Octopus includes other services. For example, they can help the company take their sales database and interrogate it to come up with more targeted marketing campaigns. By overlaying recent transactions data onto the marketing database firms are able to quickly see which companies are buying and which are not. This allows them to stop wasting money sending out marketing material to those that are not buying. In addition, you can see what time of the year someone is buying and which marketing materials he or she responds positively to. Allowing, you can make your marketing campaigns even more targeted.

Let The Data Octopus analysis your marketing lists to make them more targeted and productive. We can save you money on marketing, so why not visit us at www.thedataoctopus.co.uk?

Article By: William Pollard

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