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For anyone considering approaching a solicitor regarding injury claims, particularly whiplash claims, a question they will always ask is what their claim is worth. It's important to people who have suffered an injury to have some idea of how much they are entitled to, and this is a very valid question.

There is only really one way to correctly value an injury, and that is by having an expert compile a thorough professional report. This report will provide the chosen law firm with valuable information that they can then use to fully assess the value of the claim. It is also expected that the law firm will have a number of questions for their own so they can ascertain whether an injury is minor, moderate or severe.

Examples of questions that a lawyer might ask a claimer is how long they have been suffering for, how severe their suffering is, whether the impact has aggravated a previous injury and how the suffering from the injury has impacted their life. They will use this information, combined with the expertise they have attained from previous, similar cases to give an indication as to what a whiplash or other injury claim may be worth.
As a general indicator of how the compensation categories fall, the Judicial Social Board (JSB) Guidelines state that minor whiplash claims are worth between ?1,000-?5,000, moderate injury claims are worth ?5,000-?15,000 and severe injuries can be worth over ?15,000.

The most important thing is for the claimer is to find a professional law firm that will place their best interests at the core of the work they do, as this ensures the smoothest transition through what will undeniably be a turbulent time in a person's life.

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