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   Advertisers have used inserts for so many years. From the word itself, inserts are marketing materials that can be inserted to in magazines, CDs or newspapers.

    These are used for marketing to easily spread out news about promos or sales. Insert printing must be done well since it will greatly affect how your target market would view your company and products.

   Inserts are made up of great layouts that consist of good color combinations, nice attractive pictures and words that attract. Have a draft layout, but leave the final output to professionals. You can completely see the difference of professional designers and printers compared to the do – it – yourself people. Such materials need to have striking colors are important because it declares visually what your advertisement and your company is about. A choice of colors will mean a great deal. How small or large your font is as important as the type of font. If you want people to take notice, it needs to have the right size and the right font type to become noticeable as well as understandable. You should also consider your paper size and if the fonts will fit the paper without cutting the words. The only time it will be likeable is if your target customers take some time to read them. If they do not read it then all your printing effort is useless. Take time to consider giving the job to the professionals.
   Whatever you put in that insert is obviously important. It gives your audience a general view of what you are sharing to them, thus anything you put there must be worthy of reading. How big or how small a print size directly affects the visibility. The picture that you place in it reflects your product or company, so making sure it is well photographed. There are pictures that tell a story – go for that.

   Professional printers not only give you good print results they also give you good prices. Find a good printer who can give you a realistic price but still allows you to haggle a little. You would not want a lousy output just because you tried to save a few dollar, would you? Can the printing company give the finished copies on the date planned (even earlier?) You must remember that you need to print them way before the actual media where you are inserting them, will be distributed. How such are printed reflects the type of company you are. A poorly printed one will show the readers just how little effort you gave. Great prints will attract more readers and who knows, they might even share it to people they know.

   An insert is your one-page chance to entice your potential customers and let them know more about your product in a few seconds. You must remember to get their attention quickly. People only read such if they find something unique in that advertisement. Keep in mind that good printing is a major factor on the likeability of an insert. Take some time to create a good design, or better yet leave it to the professional designers and printers.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in inserts and inserts printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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