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   Brochures are a good way to introduce your new company and services to potential customers. That is what one newly opened spa realized. When they opened their first branch, they had these reading materials printed for distribution.

   They ordered one ream of colored copies and their brochure printing amounted to about $154, excluding the design and layout because they hired an outside artist for it. The management got so excited in distributing them, that in about two months, 500 copies were all distributed. They gave the copies to the managers of companies and left some in strategic places. It has been well accepted. They made some revisions on their first printing, added some new photos, and then ordered another ream for printing, paying the same amount as their first order. The only thing that they saved on was the creative fee for the layout.

   By this time, the management thought of distributing brochures at the arrival area of the airport so that visitors in the city will get to know about their new spa. That increased their brochure consumption because of the number of people that pass by the arrival area every day. Even if they limited the distribution during office hours so that they will not have to pay overtime fees to their distributor, one ream was all used up in no time. The next time they ordered, they got two reams and the cost was brought down to roughly $100 only.
   After about a month, the two reams were all used up again. So they thought of printing some more copies. Before putting in another order, they thought of including updates. They assessed the contents, made corrections and added some updates because by that time, they were already operating for more than six months and they introduced more services.

   They went to the printer and asked for another quote, this time for 10 reams. What they got blew their minds. For the same materials and finish (which is just actually folding) and printing specifications, the total cost for 10 reams was only $400! That is only $40 per ream! That was when they realized that if you are going into the production of advertising materials, the number of copies really play an important role. They now knew that the more copies that they ordered would mean cheaper printing costs. They finalized design and ordered 10 reams. That is already a reasonable number for them.

   From then on, they started ordering their brochures per 10 reams. The brochure printing costs are already reasonable for them and the number is practical because by the time 10 reams were distribute, they revised the layout or updated the contents, such as the introduction of service packages, promotions, and coupons that the customers can use. They have really saved so much on their printing costs because of the bulk discounts and their business increased because they were able to give out more copies. They are very happy with the turnout of using brochures to promote their business and their services.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in commercial printing and brochure printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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