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Gyms, DVD rental stores, and numerous other types of business can benefit by offering their members access to membership cards. These cards can be branded for your business and they can also be personalised so that each member has their own unique card. Magnetic strips, barcodes, and other personal identification methods can be used so that when the card is “read” the user is identified quickly and easily.

A membership card is ideal for use in any organisation or business that requires membership. The cards can be check at reception or they can be used to swipe into and out of premises ensuring that only those with a valid membership are able to access the features that they have paid for. Each card can be linked to a particular members’ details which means that varying levels of membership can be offered too.

Loyalty cards and loyalty schemes are ideal because they promote brand loyalty from your customers and clients. You can print high quality credit card style membership cards which fit conveniently into the pocket or wallet and then provide these to your loyalty scheme members. The card is then registered whenever customers make a purchase or when they want to check or redeem loyalty points. This encourages your customers to keep coming back rather than trying a different company or organisation.

Plastic cards can be used as access cards. Doors can be fitted with swipe locks and the key card is then placed in or passed through a card reader. The credentials of the card are checked and those with appropriate levels of clearance are granted access while those without the necessary clearance are prevented from gaining access. This can prove a highly beneficial means of managing access to restricted areas or to entire buildings.

Plastic cards can be used as a unique and memorable alternative to paper business cards. This can be especially beneficial if you work in a creative field. Have a logo designed and include this along with your contact details and even a tag line for your business or professional service. A plastic business card is virtually guaranteed to stand out more than a white paper card.

Contact to see the full range of options available when you buy membership cards and to see how you can personalise the cards to match the requirements of your business.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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