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There are many potential uses of plastic cards that your business can benefit from. You can restrict access to buildings or certain areas of a building, integrate membership cards into your organisation, offer a loyalty scheme to encourage repeat business, or you can create compelling and appealing plastic business cards that are bound to make a positive and lasting impression.


Whether you run a gym or a DVD rental shop you will need some way to check the membership of your customers. Gone are the days of membership numbers and manually checking records; your customers will expect a more convenient alternative. Plastic key fobs are an ideal alternative. You can have hundreds of unique fobs printed so that you can give them out to new members and update the membership system used for your old members.


Cards with a card slot can be placed on a lanyard or clip without having to rely on plastic holders. These can be used as a means of access into specific buildings or certain areas of a particular building so that you ensure only those that are allowed access are granted access. Plastic cards are convenient as access cards because they are hardy and the credit card shaped cards are extremely convenient and easy to store and carry.

Business Cards

Whether you network in person or you prefer to send your business cards out to customers and prospective customers, you need to ensure that your card design is memorable for all the right reasons. White paper business cards can easily get lost amongst the mass of pieces of paper that a business collects but plastic cards are more memorable, especially when they have been designed using your business branding and including your contact details and tag line.

Loyalty Schemes

There are many ways to ensure that your customers keep coming back to you and place further orders. Great customer service is essential, but a loyalty scheme can take your customer retention and average sale values to another level. A loyalty card makes it easy and convenient for you and your loyal customers to be able to keep track of the scheme.

Contact to order your plastic cards whether they are for membership or loyalty schemes, or as high quality and attractive business cards.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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