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Offshore and land-based oil drilling takes place in some of the most isolated, dangerous locations on earth. Oil drillers rely on used CAT engines and generators for everything from the ships that carry workers to sea, to the massive rigs and pumps that plumb for resources. Whether out in the oilfields or miles into the deep, oil drilling depends on CAT to power it along.

Marine Power

As ships refresh supplies and crew members, and tankers deliver payloads around the world, offshore companies and employees trust CAT to run smoothly, efficiently, and effectively across all marine operations. Used CAT engines routinely make up the reliable hearts of ships and vessels, providing offshore crews with the promise of punctuality.
Man Power

An offshore rig is a remote community, and workers, who regularly stay on site for two weeks or longer, need all the amenities of modern life, including showers, lighting, a cafeteria, and entertainment. Land-based oil sites are just as remote, and often have even greater lifestyle demands as employees tend to live near oil rigs long term, and can even bring families along.

CAT serves as the motor of these generator-powered cities, and used CAT engines are a trustworthy component of this essential system. With CAT, workers are promised an environment filled with the resources they need, so they can focus on drilling when it’s time to get work done.

Money Power
Oil drillers can’t afford mistakes and delays, and CAT keeps their equipment running smooth so that resource value is maximized. Used CAT engines can be found powering all aspects of resource production. Clusters of engines and generators keep enormous extraction pumps and drills going. In addition to these, CAT engines power vast assortments of heavy equipment that accompany and support the drills. CAT motors move tankers from rig to port, and CAT engines keep production moving in the distribution and refinery facilities that turn raw material into useful fuel.

Oil drilling relies on CAT to power the industry. You can rely on Industrial Motor Power to find you the best deals on used CAT engines, and all of your industry power needs. Industrial Motor Power Corporation is one of the largest independent suppliers of new, surplus, and used power equipment in the world. They have successfully worked with various industries across the world including Oil Drilling, Gas Compression, Data Centers, Marine, Hospitals, Mining, Electric Utilities, and Manufacturing. They specialize in providing quality diesel, natural gas, and turbine power equipment worldwide. They are also able to provide emergency power for areas affected by sudden power outages.

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Heather Preston. Used Cat Engines - IMP Corporation, a reseller of caterpillar products, buys and sells new and used cat engines.

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