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   Maximizing the sales potential of your brochures is not that hard. This can be done by just a few tweaks and maybe some good decisions in brochure printing and layout practices.

   After such tweaks, you would be able to get more people to respond to your marketing material and ultimately more sales and profits. Let me give you seven of the best tweaks and practices that can get you the profitable responses. Just follow the list below to see exactly how easy it is to do.

   1.     Give the words that excite your readers – the headlines and section headers are what hook people into reading the whole print. You can sell a lot more stuff with your color brochures by using precise words in those elements that can really engage and excite readers. Words like Savings and Discounts are just some of the basic words that you should try out. Depending on your products and industry, other more exciting buzzwords like ripped abs or high technology may also work wonders. Just use the right words and you should get more people excited about buying.
   2.     Use the best and most tempting images – People shop by eye. As such, it is best to use the most tempting images possible that portray your products and services in the most appealing light. Have a professional photographer actually compose these images for you so that all those images can really sell your products effectively within. There is no other way to sell something effectively visually other than to do this. So take these images seriously and choose the most effective and tempting ones in your brochure layout.

   3.     Do not forget to use models that people can identify with – When people look at advertisements, they tend to think of themselves using those products or availing of those services. If you use models that they can identify with in your own advertisements, you can aid those people into imagining themselves with those products. This helps you expedite the process of advertising, helping you gain more immediate sales.

   4.     Use the trendiest and popular design themes – Of course, it is actually mandatory for you to use the trendiest and popular design themes. If you get late with your design updates, you may actually risk looking old in the eyes of the market and losing sales. That is why you should always update your designs and use the trendiest and freshest possible ideas for your layout. The “newer” you look the more people will pay attention and buy from you.

   5.     Sell a lifestyle not a product – Remember that people hate being offered with lots of things these days. That is why you should not just sell your product and tell people to buy it now. Try to actually sell a lifestyle that is connected to your product. For example, exercise machines typically do not sell those machines per se. They sell the idea of a healthy lifestyle that people should have. Most of their marketing is about healthy lifestyle. Try to do this type of marketing as well so that you can actually sell more since the idea and the lifestyle attract more people than some products do.
   6.     Be explicit with your call to action – Also take note that when you do encourage people to respond to your marketing message, you must be explicit with your call to action. People need to be told what they need to do and buy. Otherwise, they will get lazy and do nothing. So instruct them to call a number, visit a website or actually go by your store. With clear precise instructions, more people should be inclined to buy.

   7.     Use color flagging – Finally to make sure that your sales areas get spotted by customers by using intense and vivid colors around your call to action elements. Using colours like red, yellow and orange on those parts allow people to notice them and of course get excited into actually acting on your marketing messages. With a simple tactic like this, it has been proven that more people will respond to your offer giving you the best possible results.

   Now you know exactly how to tweak your designs to get the most sales out of your color brochures. Try these out now!

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in brochures and brochure printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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