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Modern air fresheners first started appearing on the consumer market soon after the Second World War. Redundant brains that had been working on developing military technology sought new ways to apply their finely-tuned knowledge, and creating products for the domestic market was the direction that many turned.

One of the ways in which they did this was to modify pressurised sprays, using technology that had previously been applied to dispense insecticides, for the purposes of creating room sprays. These sprays were made up of aroma compounds that could be introduced to a space to eliminate bad odours and introduce more pleasant ones.
Up until the 1980s, when fears over the destruction of the ozone layer grew in the public consciousness, this technology was the primary way in which people in the western world scented their home and working environments. Since then, there has been a move away from using chemical-based air freshening products. This move has picked up pace over recent years, with a greater desire by consumers to use a room fragrance that is more natural.

Though there has been a growth in popularity of using other techniques to fragrance a room, sprays still remain popular. Though these days modern aerosols are safer for the environment with an absence of CFCs, they still incorporate many artificially-created compounds that are at odds with modern desires to lead a less chemically dependent lifestyle.

Many homeowners choose to use products that comprise organic-based essential oils that are free from preservatives. They create mists of intense but natural room fragrance that will serve a whole room, or just add welcoming scents to fabrics in need of a little revitalising. They certainly make for a great alternative to the harsh, unnatural odours created by powerful aerosols, proving ever popular with households looking to lead a more organic existence.

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Article By: Nick Campbell

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