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Regardless of your line of business, business cards are one of the ways you can establish your professional identity. More than sharing your contact information, a business card can also help in creating a solid connection between you and your prospective customer. As such, it is very important that you consider carefully how you design and print your cards. To give you some useful ideas, here are some tips on creating powerful business card design:

• Before starting your business card printing project, you will find it useful to look at other business card design. Notice what makes some more appealing than others. What makes them look professional? You may also want to analyze why some designs don’t work. Some of the elements that you should check are the color, the paper stock, the layout, and the quality of printing.

• One of the most important design considerations is readability. Make sure that your business card displays your name, job title and contact information visibly and in an easy to read manner.
• Carefully the fonts that you will use. Keep in mind that there are some fonts that can be too difficult to read. So try to stick with uncomplicated fonts and avoid fonts with too much trimmings. Make sure that there is enough contrast between font color and the background color. Select darker colors for your text if you have white or lighter background (or the other way around). No matter how creative your design is or how professional you card may look, it will be a waste of time and money if no one can decipher what’s printed on it.

• Bee sure to include accurate and up to date contact information. A powerful business card naturally includes the professional’s name, position/title, company name, address and contact numbers as well email and website address. Other optional details include corporate tag line, or logo.

• Think outside the box and consider some unique ideas most contemporary business cards use. Some creative business cards use printing embellishments such as embossing, stamping, raised ink, and folds. You may also want to experiment with the size, although make sure that your cards can still fit inside a wallet or any business card organizers for easy storage.

• High quality business cards are sure to stand out from the competition so be sure to consider your paper stock and coating options (glossy, silk or UV coating). If you decide to print your cards on cheap, flimsy paper, people may simply look down on your business as unprofessional or simply not worth their time or investment. Invest in quality, commercial business card printing service to ensure that the professional look and feel of your cards.
A well-designed business card can easily become a conversation starter, opening doors for you to new opportunities. In designing and printing your business cards, always remember the above tips. You can use these tips as your guide in ensuring that your cards leave a powerful, first impression with potential customers and partners.

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Article By: Kaitlyn Miller

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