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In a word, any instance wherein you assign an aspect of your business enterprise to an individual or organization that is not on your regular company payroll, you are outsourcing. This practice has been widely adopted by many companies – large and small – around the world. It has been around for a while and still remains to be a practical venture for accomplishing various work tasks. The most significant and evident advantage of outsourcing would be the capacity to have certain jobs done for much less than the cost of having them done internally. But apart from gaining marked savings, outsourcing grants you access to a broader talent pool available to work on different types of projects besides the people in your workforce. You will be surprised by the wealth of skills and degree of professionalism that contractors have despite the relatively lower rates they charge. While cost-cutting is a primary reason for outsourcing, there are several other factors that contribute to this growing business trend.
The cost savings is further experienced in outsourcing through reduced spending on non-core business functions. By outsourcing these jobs, you can redirect your capital spending on income-generating activities, which, in addition, is favorable to investors. Overhead expenses are also lessened as you get to pay only for the amount of time rendered to fulfill the tasks. Moreover, the need to purchase specialized equipment or software to perform a job is eliminated through outsourcing. If you were to hire the services of a freelance web programmer, he or she would most likely already have the pertinent tools to work on your project. Web tools and computer programs are very expensive, so for this reason alone, outsourcing would save you a massive amount of money. Contractors constantly compete with each other for lucrative projects, so outsourcing really gives you an edge with regard to getting the best talent out there.

Outsourcing jobs produce quality results because of the high efficiency of contractors. Since they “fight” for a particular job, they are inclined to put their best foot forward from the get-go. Remuneration and future projects are determined by punctuality and quality of work, so contractors go the extra mile to produce excellent and impressive results. In this respect, outsourcing has the upper hand over hiring in-house personnel – since internal staff are paid a fixed amount regardless of workload, they often do not show the same amount of dedication and enthusiasm toward work. This, of course, is not a generalization, but under the conditions stated, outsourcing gives you the opportunity to hire people who are flexible and eager to work.

Outsourcing puts you and your business in a win-win situation simply because it provides you with more freedom. By outsourcing the right people, you get non-core business activities out of the way so that you may focus on higher priorities. If your business is still young and quite small, you can still contend with larger companies because even though you do not have the same resources to fund internal support functions, you have the ability to contract services of the same caliber through outsourcing. All of these factors constitute an attainable formula for your success.
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Article By: Laura Gibbs

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