The importance of executive assistant courses in a tough jobs market

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There are many reasons why people choose to sign up to executive assistant courses. For example, these programmes can help to boost workers’ confidence and job satisfaction levels. Meanwhile, in many cases, individuals are eager to enhance their career prospects.

Given the tough conditions being seen in the UK’s job market at present, this may be a particularly important motivation. By furthering their skills and qualifications, people can increase their appeal among employers, helping to ensure they land and keep the roles they want.

A report produced by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has drawn attention to the difficult employment market conditions affecting adults in Britain.
It suggested that 2012 was a mixed picture in terms of jobs and added that it is hard to predict what will happen over the coming 12 months.

However, CIPD chief economist Mark Beatson remarked: “Whatever happens, it seems certain that the squeeze on employees’ living standards caused by average earnings going up by less than prices will continue into a fourth consecutive year.”

The expert did provide slight cause for optimism though. He added: “We... think the [Office for Budget Responsibility] may be proved pessimistic in its prediction that it will take until well into 2015 before employment hits the landmark figure of 30 million. Employers are proving adept at maximising the potential of the UK’s flexible market, leading us to conclude that the government may be able to celebrate 30 million employed before the next election.”

Rather than sitting back and waiting for conditions to get better, individuals may benefit from adopting a proactive stance and boosting their knowledge and skills. These days, there are lots of different executive assistant training courses for people to take advantage of, meaning workers should be able to find solutions that perfectly meet their needs.
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Article By: Jessie Wright

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