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Most companies do not really understand what data marketing is or just how important it is to their company. Every firm holds a huge amount of data that relates to their customers as well as data about their suppliers and themselves.

Whilst all of this data has value, in terms of marketing the data that they hold about their customers that has the greatest value. When used careful this information can help firms to sell more, make more of a profit on what they sell and grow their customer base.

Getting Started with Data Marketing
Not only do most firms not understand what data marketing is those that do, simply do not know how to get started with it.

Luckily, there is help available for both kinds of firms. There are firms out there that specialise in taking the data that companies hold on each customer and showing them how to use it effectively. These specialist firms do everything from clean up the data to re-organising it.

Usually the data firms hold about each customer is spread throughout the company and is held in various databases. A data specialist can take these various databases and pull all of the data together into one place.

They can remove duplicate entries, information about firms that are no longer in existence, and update anything that is out of data. Once the data is clean, it becomes far more useful. At the very least, it stops firms from sending out marketing material to people who went out of business years ago.
Once clean, the data can be manipulated and detailed reports produced. These reports can show you who buys what and when. You can also see what price people are prepared to pay, which allows you to come up with targeted special offers.

Using data marketing you can better anticipate the peaks and troughs of demand. This allows you to better manage resources such as labour. It also allows you better cash flow. You can judge when to buy raw materials and stock more easily if you can better anticipate when it will actually need to be used.

To find out more about data marketing and how it can help your firm contact the data specialists Q Base via their website.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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