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The vast majority of firms have no idea of what is meant by a single customer view. However, once someone explains it to them they can usually see how important it could be for their business.

What is Meant by a Single Customer View

A single customer view is simply being able to see everything you know about a customer. To view the customer as a whole rather seeing only little bits of information about them.
Most firms hold a vast amount of data about their customers, but hold it spread across several different databases. Typically, the sales department knows what they sold to a customer and when. They may also have a record of the kind of marketing that was sent out to each customer and when it was sent.

The accounts department knows how much they paid for the products they bought and the production line probably has a record of the exact spec of those products. However, each department only has a view of the customer that is limited to the data they specifically hold about that customer.

Pulling all of the data held in various departments together into one place gives you a much better understanding of that customer and what is important to them.

For example taking the information about what form of marketing was sent out and when and comparing it with actual sales made tells you a lot about a customer. The sales data tells you whether they responded to that particular marketing campaign and, if they did, how strongly they did. This insight allows you to better target future marketing. A firm that buys within a week or two of receiving e-mail marketing yet never buys after a mail campaign should be mostly sent e-mail based marketing materials in the future.
Setting up a Single Customer View

Once firms understand, what a single customer view is they are usually very keen to get started. However, many find actually pulling all of the data they hold about customers together into one place difficult and time consuming. Luckily, there is a cost effective solution and that is to get help from a company that specialises in data manipulation. Doing so saves you time and money in the end.

To find out more about the single customer view approach to marketing, and how it can help your firm contact SCV QBase.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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