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Every modern office situation will have certain requirements that make their design a process second nature to professionals. They can quickly take on board your needs and assess how to make best use of your space and budget. No matter how unique you may think your ideas are, an office interior design professional will be able to envisage your design. There are some proven methods of achieving what is required from office space and a budget; and it will help to know them before making decisions.

Go With One Supplier
This will save lots of time and effort because you will not need to listen to lots of tenders. Instead, you will have a ready-made project manager who can liaise with you about any queries. One point of contact can remove a lot of the stress and this is why a full design and build service is preferred by most.

Save with Open Plan

Open plan offices are a great way to save money. Opting for an open plan design gives greater square yardage for your development. An open plan office has also been proven to increase productivity and this is usually because of increased levels of communication.

Streamline the Operation

An office interior design specialist would be shocked if you told them that you needed a sizeable area to store your files. An office fit out is the perfect time to introduce new filing systems that will improve productivity. By converting filing systems and storing them in digital format, extra space is made available and communication is improved.

Use One Floor for Everything

By using just one floor for your office, you will remove the need for extra equipment and rest areas. This will reduce costs and improve efficiency. Using one floor of a building will produce the biggest cost reduction of any office design process.

Use Existing Systems Where Possible

When a full requires stripping out and re-routing outdated wiring and heating systems, the costs can be astronomical. Where there is any opportunity to use the original system, it is always prudent to do so.

Stating Clear Budget Constraints

This should be obvious, but stating an intended budget for any office interior design and build is critical to a successful fit out. Agree a price based on completion and it may even be worth negotiating bonuses for above expected performance if time is money.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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