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Ball Mill materials is being broken, further crush the key equipment. Mill widely used in cement, Portland products, new building materials, refractories, fertilizers, as well as black and non-ferrous metal processing industries such as the production of glass ceramics, various ores and other materials may be grinding of dry or wet grinding.

Mill principle:
The ball mill for the installation of horizontal rotating cylinder, outer edge of which lies Gear, two warehouses, lattice-type ball mill. Feed materials from the device into the compound empty-axis spiral uniform access to the first Mill Wharf, the warehouses have stepped liner or corrugated liner, the contents of different specifications Ball, the centrifugal force will have a rotating cylinder ball to a certain altitude sets, and have severe impact on materials and grinding role. Materials in the first positions to grinding, single-layer at the plate in the second warehouse stores, the warehouses incalculable-liner with a ball, will further polishing materials. Discharge through the grate of powder from plate to complete grinding operations.

Mill structural characteristics:
Feeding this machine by the Department of the Ministry of material, Rotary Department, the Department of transmission (reducer, small transmission gears, motors, electronic control), and other key components. Casting a hollow shaft, lined Looking to the future, casting a rotary gear hobbing processing, cylinder liner wear in incalculable, has good wear resistance. The smooth functioning of the machine, is reliable.

R-type milling machine from the host unit structure, analysis of pipeline installation, blower, according to user needs can be fitted with a broken machine, hoist, electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder, electric motor control components. Materials are needed to crush size, the materials hoist will be sent to storage hopper, to be expected by the vibrating feeder uniform for the mainframe into Raymond Mill grinding room, as when centrifugal rotary role Roll out swinging, press the grinding part of the shovel blade materials to roll grinding and grinding Central, as Roll rolling to achieve the aim of crushing. After grinding the powder material with the circulating air blower into the analysis was conducted at the election, fine through coarse material to re-grinding, qualified powder into the air, finished with the whirlwind set of powder, the powder discharge pipe, which is refined. In Raymond Mill grinding mill indoors due to certain materials in the water, grinding, heat, air-water evaporation, and the pipeline unit interface is not well outside gas inhalation, the cycle of increased pressure to ensure that the mill under negative pressure, the increase in gas flow through the tube into the wind I precipitator was after purification into the atmosphere.

Raymond Mill unit structure features:
One, three-dimensional structure, small footprint, turnkey highly refined powder expected from the block of independent self-production system.

2, refined powder fineness of uniform rate of 99% on screen, it is difficult to other milling equipment available.

3, the Drive installations in confined pulley and gear box, transmission smooth, reliable operation.

4, the important components are used quality steel, wear-resistant performance of wear resistant materials are used, the whole high wear resistance, reliable operation. 5, the electrical system is centralized control, milling plant can be realized no one basic operations and maintenance.

Raymond Mill unit structure features:
1, milling machines used in the process, there should be a fixed custody staff, operators must have a certain level of technology. Mill installed before the operator must conduct the necessary technical training so that they understand the principle of milling machine, familiar with the rules.

2, for the mill to normal, should develop equipment "safe operation of equipment maintenance system" can guarantee long-term security mill operation, a necessary repair tools and grease and corresponding accessories.

3, mill use for a period of time, it should repair, while Roller Mill Central blade repair and replacement of vulnerability, Roller device in use before and after the bolt nut should be carefully examined to see if it is loose, Lubricants and whether adequate.

4, Raymond Mill Roll devices around for more than 500 hours to replace Roll, roll on the roller bearing to the inner cleansing, and replace damaged parts, tools can be manually refueling pumps guns and butter. Get ball mill,ball mill,beneficiation From

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