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Nintendo Company publishes the American version recreational machines wii officially in 19,11,2006, and in Dec, 2th of same year publishes the Japan version recreational machine wii. Within one year, wii got the amazing sales volume, according Nintendo 2007 annual accounts annual performance summery report indicate that video game console sales at 2007 is 18.61 million set(accumulative total is 24.45 million set).

Main reason for wii popular in worlds is its particular game controller, wii remote controller bring the revolutionary change for recreational machine industry. Wii newfangled controller operation ways as good as NDS touch screen bring bran-new operation experience for players. Wielding the controller and enjoying funs of interaction. Especially, the tennis games as representative attract a good number of people eyeball.

Nintendo wii controller utilizes the infrared technology to fixed position. In the front of controller have a picture reaction camera lens, it main charge of explore the light send out by two-electrode valve within sensor. This system could help players fixed position accurate in screen. complete be similar with depressed button on screen or the motion which open or close by weapons main depend on wireless game remote controller. Wii controller contain a shank kits, this component can justify different shank intensity according information send out by console. But the most make people amazing is it can ensure self opposite movement. This function make the players can drive or dominate game role to move. And still have wii movement sensor utilize the activate the air bag technology of car and so no.
If you think it’s intriguing after you learn about these. Might as well you can buy a set of wiisport, I believe you must enjoy suitable and health sport and have funs with friends or family in interaction. In my view, wii is the healthiest game I have never seen before.

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