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Many companies have at least one suggestion box which they use in order to get fresh ideas from either their employees or the people who use their services. There are many advantages to having a suggestion box in the workplace but, perhaps the most important one is the ability to get new ideas from the people who are at the forefront of the company. Employees and customers are much more likely to have great ideas about possible improvements to a company as they are on the shop floor, so to speak, and know what works and what does not.

However, many employees and customers would never dream of bringing up failings in the company with those higher up because it is impolite, or they may fear being singled out if they speak up. With a suggestion box, this is not a problem as all comments and suggestions can be kept anonymous, allowing all interested parties to speak freely on the issues concerning them.
Fresh Ideas

A suggestion box can often lead to great new ideas that can really improve the business. The workforce often has lots of great ideas but they may think that it is not their place to bring them up, or may fear that their ideas will be shot down. A suggestion box may make them bold enough to make a suggestion, which could just change your business for the better.

Save Money

A lot of companies who have a suggestion box in place have reported that they have been able to save money as a result. A lot of their suggestions have enabled them to make changes which have kept expenditure down and so their suggestion box has proved invaluable.

Keep Staff Happy

Adding a suggestion box to the workplace can also help to keep the staff happy. The workforce likes to think that they are valued and by giving them a means to share ideas and by showing that you are listening to them, you can improve morale significantly. Of course, you need to show you are listening to them by actually acting on some of the suggestions but, providing you do so, you will see a change in the happiness of your workforce.

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Article By: Adam Nicolson

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