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   Flyer printing cannot be done simply these days. With all the competition most businesspeople are facing, you will need some professional tricks to make sure your flyers earn good results.

   Luckily, I have just what you need here. Listed down below are a few professional tricks in flyer marketing that helps those prints to be noticed. These should truly attract readers and give you the results that you want in marketing, as long as you choose these options.

   1.     Color flaggers – Color flagging is a simple trick of flagging for attention with the use of colors. Instead of just using plain white paper, you use something really eye-catching and unusual. People’s eyes typically focus on something out of the ordinary as they go through different locations and if they see your unusually colored even from a distance, they will be curious and pick those up. While neon colors have proven ideal for this kind of trick, other unusual colors are also welcome such as bright pastel colors. As long as the color is bright and far from the hue of the existing environment can easily be tagged for attention and of course will give you results in no time at all.
   2.     Shape flaggers – Related to the color flagger trick is the shape flagger approach. Here, you use an odd shape to attract eyes. Instead of using rectangular, the norm, you can use other unusual shapes to make them distinctive. The shape of course should typically be related to your main theme or topic to reinforce the marketing message. Many readers like responding to novel ideas like this, simply because it is unusual. It is well worth a try to do this in your own campaigns.

   3.     Text flaggers – Text can also be used to flag for attention. You of course will need the right kind of words to pull it off. Most markets respond to a particular set of key words. You will want to use these power words to gain the attention of your target market quickly. So for example, if you are targeting a market that is more of the bargain hunter social class, you can use words like DISCOUNT and SALE in a large font size to immediately get the attention of those bargain hunters. On the other hand, if your target is more of the wealthy class, you can then use words like EXCLUSIVE or LUXURIOUS, which should then attract more high-class readers. You just need to do your research and know the right words that make certain markets respond. Once you know these, you can easily use the words to get people to read them almost immediately.

   4.     Novelty approach – There is also something called the novelty approach. In this process, you use a design element that makes it look more novel or makes it a collectible. This can be a special kind of artwork, a picture of a famous celebrity or maybe even an odd design element that includes holes and folds. By making your material look more novel, you can gain that extra element of being more memorable than other kinds. I hope that the readers will even keep those for future reference.

    5.     Posh approach – Finally, we have the posh approach. This expert approach is a bit expensive, as it requires you to spend more on the materials. You will need to use thicker paper with glossy coatings for that expensive and impressive finish. However, if you do this correctly, people will be so impressed that they will not even think of throwing them out. This can be a gamble considering that you are printing only flyers, but if you have tough competition in your market, this can get you on top of the others.
   You can try out these tricks for your printing and marketing. Why not test some of these and see if it will work? It is well worth the investment.

    Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print flyers and flyer printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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