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   You know that you should not really overdo your flyer printing design. While they are promotional advertising prints, there is no excuse for printing out gaudy and often useless ones meant for the track.

   This is why in this article, I will teach you the key signs that your design has become too much or excessive. In this way, you can avoid creating color flyers not worth printing at all.

   1.     When the output is larger than a letter – The letter sized format, or the 8.5 by 11 inch format should be your basic ceiling size. Anything larger than that will make your output a bit unwieldy to handle. If yours are bigger than letter size, it is a big sign that you have gone too far and have overdone your prints. It is better to go a little bit smaller than letter size since more people find it easier to pick up and carry. Try to see if the size matches or is under the letter size format. If not, then you might need to adjust things a bit.
   2.     When there are more than three main colors – The proper color theme for a custom filter should comprise a maximum of three main colors, typically. If you go over that, then that is a bad sign. Overdone and loud outputs have more than three colors. This makes them a bit repulsive for most people since there are many things going on in such print. Make sure that you avoid this by picking only a few main color foundations and then just using slight lighting variations.

   3.     When the text occupies 80% or more of the whole print – Many beginners actually commit this mistake. They want to mention many marketing messages in just one print. This should not be the case. Remember that such is a just premise, a teaser and an initial marketing spiel. Balance the text and images content at a 50-50 ratio. If this is not the case and your text accounts for 80%, believe me, more people will likely ignore such since it will look boring and daunting to read.

   4.     When there are more than 10 main images in the cover – You may have also gone too far with if there are more than 10 main images in your cover. There is limited space and no good reason why you should squeeze in a lot of images. A good cover should only have one or two images plus a small logo or two. This gives a good balance of text and images that will be easy to the eyes of the viewers. If your design has lots of images, you might want to rethink that a bit and merge or remove some.

   5.     When you are using additional folds or expensive material – Finally, if you used additional folds or thicker materials as options, you have definitely gone a bit too far. Remember that your marketing material a very simple print and you should not spend too much on making them, especially when it comes to materials. Sure, you can go for a bit of glossy and thicker paper material, but additional folds, expensive inks and imported paper are quite wasteful. A flyer is typically expendable that is why it is okay to minimize costs in materials.
   These are the key signs to know if your printing and designs have become too much. Use the tips above to help you avoid these pitfalls and achieve greater and more successful flyer marketing.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in flyers and flyer printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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