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A speeding ticket can carry with a financial penalty and points that are added to your license. Once you reach a certain number of points, usually 6 or 12 depending on how long you have held a driving license, you will usually be hit with an automatic totting up ban. This means that a single speeding ticket which alleges that you were caught doing just a few miles per hour over the sped limit could result in youlosing your license for several months.

However, not every speeding ticket is proven to be valid if the case is taken to court. When you receive a ticket you are usually offered the option of fixed penalty notice and this means that you must accept your guilt in order to accept a fast decision, usually culminating in 3 points and a £60 fine, but there is another option.


You can contest your speeding ticket by taking the case to court. If you highlight that you wish to go to court then you will be given the opportunity to defend yourself. Using a speeding barrister can help have your case acquitted or it can prove your innocence. In either of these cases, you will not have to pay a penny and you will not receive points added to your license but you must contest the ticket for this to be a possibility.

There are around 50 different types of speeding camera and recording device used on the roads today and they each have different calibration and usage requirements. Some police forces are simply more experienced in dealing with a particular type of camera than they are dealing with other types and this means that errors can be made or important checks are omitted.

The police must prove beyond reasonably doubt that you were in deed speeding. This means that they have to prove the machine was calibrated properly and that you were driving the vehicle. Your speeding barrister will question the police to determine whether or not this is the case and to hopefully create enough doubt that the judge will not find you guilty of the speeding offence of which you have been accused.

Visit for information on what you should do when you receive a
speeding ticket. It could save you your license and avoid a fine and penalty points being awarded.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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