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Finding a trusted brand design agency for your food and beverage packaging needs is not always an easy feat. Agencies big and small fill the design sphere, all claiming to offer the best in product and creative packaging. However, what’s right for one brand is not always the best for another brand. With so many agencies available, selecting the perfect brand design agency can be confusing and daunting at times. If you are a manufacturer or brand manager looking for new and innovative food or beverage packaging, here are a few tips to take into consideration when selecting a brand design agency.
1.     Look for portfolios. When checking out a brand design agency be sure to ask to see their portfolio and case studies. A portfolio is the best way to get a better understanding of the design agency’s style and type of work the specialise in. Not all brand design agencies are created equal, and viewing the portfolio will give you a good understanding about what the agency does and if their style is suitable for your packaging design.
2.     Ask about areas of expertise. Design agencies specialise in all different areas of design. It’s a big world of design out there, so be sure to find an agency that suits your needs. Even among brand design agencies, area of expertise can differ. For example, some agencies focus on food and beverage packaging while others focus on the design of brand marketing materials and actual logo design.
3.     Trust your intuition. The old saying says, “go with your gut.” This not only applies to big life decisions but also when selecting a brand design agency. Your brand design agency is ultimately responsible for the way your brand is represented in food, product and beverage packaging, so it is best to select an agency you trust and know will understand your brand and deliver results.
4.     Shop around. Interviewing more than one brand design agency is the best way to get a full picture idea of the industry and what it has to offer. From checking out a few different brand design companies you’ll discover the unique attributes and points of difference between each. Be sure to keep in mind the above three points when interviewing brand agencies.
Persistence is the key to finding the right brand design agency for your brand. It often takes time and effort to find a great design agency, but consider it an investment in your brand. After all the relationship with your brand design agency should last quite a long time, so holding out for the absolute perfect agency can be worth the wait.
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