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Welcome to Mollart Cox Engineering LTD – ask us ANYTHING about large CNC machining – as the UK’s largest, most dynamic sub- contacting deep hole drilling company; there’s NOTHING we don’t know!

Here at Mollart Cox- large CNC machining experts- we understand the need for a holistic service and in order to meet the demands of today’s business-place, our company is passionate about reliability, dependability and trustworthiness. We offer many dimensions to our service and product provision and large CNC machining is just a small part of what we do. We currently service a diverse range of industries including organisations within the motor trade, marine and leisure sectors.

With a seven-decade strong background as large CNC machining professionals and a team of dedicated individuals with a genuine interest in seeking revolutionary approaches to modern deep hole drilling; we’ve fast created a great name for ourselves for being attentive, considerate and friendly as well as innovative and technically genius in our area of expertise.
Our large CNC machining service package is all-encompassing and not in the slightest one-dimensional. We can tailor our projects according to the specific needs of the client in question and flexibility is what we are all about. As different as black is to white; as freezing is to boiling point, one large CNC machining project from us is never the same twice over. We are proactive and reactive in equal measure and avidly committed to being efficient and effective in producing flawless, seamless results that will never need an ounce of maintenance.

Whether it be an expert take on creating prototypes or offering CNC lathes to suit a customer’s individual requirements or requests; Mollart Cox can undertake the task on your behalf- affordably and effectively- right now.

If you want to know more about Mollart Cox large CNC machining visit to find out more.
Large CNC Machining from We specialise in a large range of things, from deep hole drilling to honing. Visit us for Deep Hole Drilling.

Article By: Tommy Wayne

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