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You may have seen in the news that scrap metal Worcester is on the up at the moment. Despite the global financial crisis and recession meaning many of us have to tighten our proverbial belts as much as we can at the moment, there are some industries bucking the trend and scrap metal Malvern is one of them. The scrap metal Worcester trade is currently booming in this country so you may want to know a little bit more about the trade...
To say that scrap metal Worcester has enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent years would be an understatement to say the least. As recently as ten years ago you would have to pay a local merchant to pick up something like a car to be scrapped. Nowadays you could have a weekend away on the money you could get paid by weighing in a large vehicle. Typically scrap metal Worcester is put on a large weighing bridge and the provider is then paid in accordance with the going rate per tonne. Deals can be cut depending on whether the scrap metal Malvern in question has to be picked up from somewhere with a vehicle.
The value of scrap metal Worcester has rocketed over the last couple of years in particular as worldwide demand for recycled ferrous and non-ferrous metal has increased due to factors like the growth of heavy industry in the burgeoning economy of China. Merchants are therefore keen to get their hands on any recyclable metals including steel, aluminium and iron.
Obviously the price of scrap metal Worcester changes from week to week as it is one of those industries which is immediately susceptible for supply and demand on a day to day basis. However in general at the moment scrap metal Worcester can fetch much more now than it did a few years ago and although it shows no signs of tailing off in the recent future you should get rid of any spare metal you have now while the going is good.
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Article By: Jessica Thomson

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