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Times have changed and health and safety regulations have amended the way we work on a daily basis. Before you would see an electrician climbing a pole, braving serious electrocution to fix a fault, but these days it’s all changed and the way we manage our working lives ensures our safety.

MV switchgear is used on high voltage systems and since their inception in the nineteenth century, they have increased in popularity offering protection and isolating specific circuits while enhancing the systems.

Health and Safety
When it comes to maintaining and servicing, these devices are imperative to our health and safety. Depending on your position within the industry, you have probably had thorough safety training; it’s the company’s duty to ensure that all employees fully understand the implications and dangers in the workforce.

Simple things such as the correct use of a ladder, isolating specific circuits before staring work and protecting you at all times are imperative to the daily running of the business. If you don’t know and understand these procedures and have an accident, the company may be liable for a hefty claim against them.

That being said, these switchgears are important parts that are relied on daily, with spare parts and replacements being available there is no reason that the business cannot keep their protection working at all times, enhancing the systems and protecting workers during maintenance and servicing of specific units.

Handling High Voltage
These switchgears can handle high voltage of up to 1,100KV, which is much higher than when they were first used back in the nineteenth century. With constant improvements, innovative ideas and technology moving forward, these switches can save countless lives over an extended period.

If you work in electrical equipment maybe at a power plants, then you fully understand the risks you face heading to work each day, these risks are there even with tight controls in place, regular risk assessments being carried out and constant health and safety training taking place. We never know when an accident can occur and your position in the industry is a high risk one, but with the right precautions in place at least you know there is protection.
MV Switchgear is essential to the protection, isolation and enhancement of systems using high voltage electricity, especially when it comes to maintenance and servicing.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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