Run a clothing store Why mannequins can be such a wise investment.

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As the owner of a retail store, there are many vital expenses that you will need to account for, including shop fittings and similar items such as garment rails, wall systems and security systems. If your store just happens to offer anything in the way of fashion, however, then there is one more expense that you may need to bear in mind: some mannequins.

Now, there are many reasons why, while the other aforementioned shop fittings play perfectly significant roles in their own right, it is the humble mannequin – or seven – that may be particularly high on your shopping list as a fashion retailer. While other shop fittings play major practical roles, it is mannequins that are most strongly associated with clothes shops in the public imagination, and for very good reason, as it is these figures that really allow prospective customers to better relate to the clothing items that they are contemplating purchasing. This tempts customers to browse for longer and makes that final purchase rather more likely.
Mannequins are so effective because they actually present clothing in the proper manner, allowing a customer to get a sense of how they would look themselves, while wearing the displayed outfit. After all, while it is perfectly possible to appreciate the colour and individual features of a particular item of clothing when it is on a hanger, its cut and style can be much better appreciated in-store when the item in question is being worn by a mannequin. Otherwise, there might seem to be little difference between an £80 suit and an £800 one.

But of course, it’s also important to choose the right such figures for your needs, with popular variants including male, female and children’s figures in addition to display busts and bendy versions for creating poses. By using a wide range of these different mannequin types, you can truly capture the imaginations of your customers!

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Article By: Lee Malcolm

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