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There are many schemes that allow businesses to source bicycles for their staff at reduced prices, rent them at a low-cost, or even buy them completely tax-free. However, joining such a scheme is only useful if the company itself pushes for its employees to use such green transport as often as possible and get behind the scheme as much as possible.

For businesses this can mean needing to offer lockers for staff to keep a change of clothes in for times that they get hot and sweaty going to or from work. It can also mean some added expense in terms of bicycle storage too. So what is in it for businesses?

Well, not only are their tax considerations to take into account in some cases, but there are many other benefits that can be seen in the workplace itself. Not only will businesses be helping the environment and be able to discuss their ethical approach with customers and potentially attract more business as result, but cycling to work can actually improve employee attendance.
The fitter and healthier staff are, the more they are likely to get done and the less they are likely to be ill. There is likely to be less stress in the workplace and more often than not, when cycling, staff are likely to travel to work together, improving staff morale and friendship.

Talking to local councils may also be wise as certain councils may put money towards any bicycle racks you buy, further reducing your overheads. Certain purchases to do with such a scheme may also be able to have capital allowances claimed against them.

Certain schemes may offer even more benefits to staff such as reductions on other bikes, cycle wear and protective gear. As such, with them able to find even more savings, morale should be boosted even further.

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Article By: Jhon Alley

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