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If there is a certain cause that is very close to your heart or even if you simply need to raise money for a loved one to get the help that they need, then there will be many ways to go about raising money. From putting on events to holding auctions, raising money can be done in many ways, but take a great deal of time.

The more unique the method you choose to make money, the more likely you are to find people digging deep to help you to achieve your target. Not only will more extreme money raising plans help you to capture people’s imagination, but if you show that you are willing to go to extreme lengths to raise that money, people’s respect for that will be reflected in the money they offer you.
There are plenty of options available to you in terms of raising money in a unique way, from climbing Kilimanjaro through to jumping out of a plane. However, it is the former that might make far more impact.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is something that takes time and dedication and whilst jumping out of a plane might be a little unnerving and scary, it is nothing compared to the effort that needs to be put into a feat such as climbing a mountain. As such, by putting yourself out and making a true effort to raise the money, people are far more likely to be aware that you truly do wish to raise money for a cause and that you do not just wish to use other people’s money to pay for you to have fun.

There are many ways to climb Kilimanjaro for a charity and whether you choose to do it off your own back or choose to use a dedicated company to help, be sure you are not paying more to climb Kilimanjaro just because you plan to do it for charity.

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Article By: Aidan Smith

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