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The relationship between employer and employee is crucial to the daily running and overall success of a company. Establishing and maintaining a strong bond and understanding between both parties creates a healthy working environment in which all individuals strive to take a business forward.

Although employers determine the business policies and mode of operations, it is ultimately employees who driver a company’s operations on a daily basis. All employees, whether as an individual or collective group, play a fundamental role within any business as their efforts determine efficiency and productivity levels. This is of paramount importance to both a company and its employees; the former benefit from a productive work force that adequately carry out the role they are employed to provide, while the latter can feel valued, appreciated and, more importantly, remain in employment.

Communication is an effective tool within all forms of business. Although employees follow the guidance and orders of department managers and company managers, conducting 360 degree feedback sessions can provide employees with a voice. As they as entitled with the role of carrying out company policies, their overall happiness and opinions can be expressed via an open forum-style feedback meeting.
Failing to gain the opinions and views from employees can lead to a misconception that all company policies are effective and are approved by each staff member. From the sales performance of promotional campaigns to changes within shift schedules, employees are likely to have their own views and opinions. Producing an employee survey or conduction a 360 degree feedback session can provide employees with the freedom to give appraisal or constructive criticism. Without enforcing such feedback operations, certain individuals may feel unable to voice their opinions; this may be down to a poor relationship between a company or department leader and their employees.

Both 360 feedback and an employee survey provide employees with the power to speak their mind on any company-related issues or policies. Receiving qualitative feedback can allow managers and leaders a personal insight into how they operate and lead to changes for the better of the interpersonal relationship and success of a company.

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Article By: James Dacanay

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