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Do your Business cards portray the right image for your company? Go on, you can be honest, are you entirely satisfied with the look of your Business cards? Be objective if you have to. Try to take a step back and look at your Business cards from a different perspective. Think about how they look from a client’s point of view. If you were handed the Business cards what would they tell you? Are they professional, do they captivate your imagination, would they make you want to pick up the phone or flirt an email to generate a sale in a future? If not, do something about your Business cards now before they have a detrimental impact on your business.
Make an impact!
Change the look of your Business cards. If you’re not happy with the quality or the finish of your Business cards don’t make do and mend, switch print partners and order stunning stationery that has the wow factor. Let’s face it, your Business cards are important tools, they’ll leave a lasting impression on the mind of your corporate contacts. So go for the professional approach and insist on the best Business cards that are perfectly printed by a proficient print provider. Go for broke with Business cards that portray the ideal image for your company and make an impact with the cards that you hand out after important corporate meets.
Take a stance
The humble business card is so much more than a little rectangle of card. Business cards hold a position of responsibility; they promote you and the company that you work for. You could go for the silky smooth look of laminate Business cards if you like slick matt finishes. Or you could select slightly thicker Business cards to impress clients with; they provide you with excellent print qualities. Here’s an idea though. Why not take an eco-stance with Business cards and opt for recycled products? Wouldn’t that convey the perfect message to your business partners, namely you were an ethical company that cared about the impact you were having on the environment? Go green with Business cards you can be bold and eco-conscious at the same time.

Article By: Jessica Thomson

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