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   Many marketers and advertisers are already asking the question. Will we still need to spend money on printing in a world where digital is fast becoming the norm in promotions.

   Well to tell you the real correct answer here, the answer is YES. You will still want to invest in flyer printing today in a more digital world. Why you ask? Well let me give you the five best reasons.

   1.     Because people still go offline – Yes! People go offline. If you think they did not maybe, you should actually go offline now and find out. People of course still close their computers, keep their mobile phones and go out in the world. When this happens all the amount of digital promotions in the world cannot reach them. In these situations, a color flyer can easily be an advantage and deliver its own traditional type of printed marketing message. In the bigger picture, this gives you full coverage in marketing as you have such offline and those digital promotions online. So in fact, such then become a crucial tool for full scale marketing or advertising.
   2.     Because people still pick them up– Another reason why you should still print flyers in this digital world is because people still pick them up. Just try giving them away by hand and you will see that people still kindly get these from anyone just to see what they are giving away. It is natural for us to want to get something that looks free of course, even if it is just a colourful piece of paper. You would not really have to worry about people ignoring your print materials. As long as you print them well, they will pick those up always.

   3.     Because people can keep them – your materials are also worth printing still because they can be kept. Unlike a digital promotional item, such can easily be kept for easy reference later. This means that they can have a lot more exposure to a potential consumer than the typical digital promotional item. This means that in long-term marketing standards, color flyers can be more effective than digital promotions in some respects. People can keep them, and then read them once again once they think they need guidance from your print.

   4.     Because these have a more personal impact – You should also know that custom flyers have a more personal impact upon people. Since you will be giving these to one person at a time, you are forcing attention from people each time. It is not passive like in some digital advertisements. You give your marketing message for their attention and judgment directly. This more direct and personal impact gets your message across all the time, giving you the maximum impact that you need to get results.

   5.     Because these are easier to work with today – Finally, you should still print marketing flyers today simply because it is easier to develop and print them with today’s digital technology. You no longer have to work with an old style printing press actually. You only just need to go online and have an online flyer printing company do the job for you. All you have to do is pay, send your design and wait for the delivery. It is that easy to do so there is really no reason why you should not do it.
   Print flyers still today even with lots of people going for digital promotions. These still have a big role to play in marketing or advertising.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print flyers and flyer printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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