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Due to the ever-increasing nature of the petrochemical trade on an inter-regional and global scale, petrochemical productions continue to enjoy major growth. Market expansion has culminated in the emergence of a number of petrochemical plants across the Middle East and Asia as chemical production expands across the world. Although the largest chemical production sites are based across Western Europe and America, other countries begin to realise the true financial potential provided by the production of olefins and aromatics via the steel cracking of natural gas liquids.

Such is the required continual source of olefins and aromatics to manufacture solvents, detergents, plastics and resins, amongst many other materials, petrochemical plants are significant in scale. The largest plants cover several acres of land as structural framework, machinery and chemical chambers are systematically linked to mass produce materials which can be traded or sent to production partners.

All chemical engineers play a fundamental role within the production of petrochemicals. Not only are they charged with the responsibility of overseeing each stage of the production process using the machinery provided, but also required to carry out regular maintenance checks.
Although petrochemical plants are constructed to be safe and secure within the complex procedure of burning ethane and propane to form petrochemicals, companies cannot rest on their laurels. Pipe fittings can gradually lose their quality and security over a period of time and extensive usage. System malfunctions may also cause super duplex pressure fittings to become damaged and require replacement parts to be fitted.

As petrochemical plants result in people handling corrosive and dangerous chemicals, the consequences contained within any chemical leak can be disastrous. It is of paramount importance, first and foremost, to ensure that all pipe fittings within systematic links between machinery and pressure chambers are securely fitted using high quality parts.

It is then a company’s responsible to source a reputable provider of super duplex parts to ensure any potential chemical leak can be identified and competently amended. This allows employees to anticipate any system problems within the machinery or pipework connections and immediately repair them to preserve the health and safety of themselves, and fellow colleagues.

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Article By: John Arbuthnot

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