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   For your postcards to be effective in marketing on the street, you should make them street smart. Being street smart here means being able to connect with your mass audience more effectively.

   You should do this without the slightest tendency of intimidating or overwhelming them. It is about printing postcards with the right content that everyone on the street can understand and relate to. So if you want this kind of color postcard for your campaigns, just read on below. You should see some tips on how to have street-smart postcards below.

   1.     Pick the right topic that they are concerned with – Being street smart in marketing means knowing the right topic to use. You do not just straight out sell your item or your business. You should lead them with a topic that they are most concerned with. From there you can ease them into your marketing spiel, somewhat related to the topic of concern. By picking the right topic at the outset, you can get your readers to read your actual marketing postcards fully. Your prints will not fall into the trap of being considered junk mail. They will see something of interest and take the time to engage in.
   2.     Adopt a writing style more close to the street – Next, whilst you write your marketing postcards, you should always try to adopt a writing style that is more close to the street style of speaking and writing. Do not go all out format or corporate with your message using intimidating words and concepts. Be more down to earth and use the casual language most people use on a daily basis. By writing close to this street style, people will feel that simpler more welcoming style that will earn some respect. So do not go overboard with your style make sure you use the street type language for the best results.

   3.     Use features that are more eye-catching in the cover – When it comes to the cover, you will need to use a very eye-catching image or design. As you will see in the street, most people’s mails, especially the marketing mails are getting more colourful and wilder as we speak. You will need to be competitive with your cover to beat those colourful and wild designs. So make sure that you use something eye catching, such as a beautiful model, a professional graphic or even a very powerful photograph that is full of emotion. This allows you to beat all your competitors in the street and get people to read them.

   4.     Use glossy inks for that extra gleam – Another important thing to do is to use glossy inks. Using these kinds of ink on your cards help increase visibility. Moreover, with that gleam, people will think that your cards are a little bit more expensive than the rest. On the street level, this gives you a good advantage in marketing since more people will definitely read and respond to your prints. Albeit expensive, this can be worth it when done right.

   5.     Make sure to choose durable materials – Finally, make sure that you choose more durable design materials. Being street smart also means protecting your prints from the dirt, grime and moisture, which are elements that may affect its quality. By using those durable materials, you can keep them looking clean and neat even if it is passed on to many different people and locations.
   Now you know how to make your own postcards more street smart. Just follow all the tips and instructions above and your mass street audience should easily be within reach with your custom postcards.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print postcards and postcard printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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