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Printing services in New York offer many different products, including postcards and business cards. They are valuable assets to any professional in New York. Both can also be used as calling cards and personal advertisement tools.

Regardless of their similarities, business cards and postcards are used differently. Business cards are ideal during direct contacts with potential customers. For smaller companies, this is a more affordable option compared to high advertisement costs spent in radio and TV stations in New York. Postcards are delivered through mail to various market segments. People browse through mail almost daily and segregate it based on order of importance. Beautifully designed postcards would immediately catch their attention and help to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaign.

Any printed marketing item must be able to capture people attention within a few precious seconds while subtly delivering the core message. By using the right design and images, people can unconsciously know the products and services offered even before they read anything. Texts on business cards and postcards should be brief, but still able to confirm consumers’ first impression. Successful printed advertising items can maintain the connection and keep people interested,

These are four benefits of purchasing business cards and postcards from printing services in New York:

  1. Consumers in New York prefer advertising material that looks more personal. Printing services in New York understands this characteristic and they can help clients to address target market more personally. People tend to prefer marketing material with friendly and casual tone.
  2. Printed advertising materials are not as fleeting as ads published through radio, TVs and Internet. People in New York are already saturated by these advertising platforms and tend to ignore them. Business cards and postcards can more easily capture their attention.
  3. Many consumers in New York are already against telemarketing as it disrupts their busy daily life. Postcards and business cards are straight to the point and their designs don’t lend themselves to boring sales pitch.
  4. Postcards and business cards can affordably and easily maintain contacts with busy consumers in New York.

The specifications and standards for both printed items may vary according different requirements. As an example, size may differ. Clients can choose different sizes, some prefer 5”x7” postcards, but most tend to choose the more familiar and sensible 4.25” x 5” format. On the other hand, business cards are more limited in dimension option, many businesspeople in New York find it comfortable to handle 2”x3.5” cards.

Aside from this, there are also different card stocks. Some clients choose the 14pt. card stock, but the 16pt. stock is thicker and more durable. 14pt card stock is not the only standard when it comes to postcards and business cards printing . It’s easy to figure out that the thicker 16pt. stock can bring a higher standard, which directly affects how potential customers see your company.

Business card and postcards printing in New York can be among the best decisions to expand your business. There are numerous hidden potentials and benefits that are waiting to be tapped.


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