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Pink Parking Luton Airport is a long-term parking service offered to Luton's 9.5 million customers. The reason that is called pink parking is that the signs that you have to follow to reach the long-term parking at the airport are coloured pink.

Why Use Pink Parking Luton Airport

There are many good reasons for using a Pink Parking Luton Airport service. The primary reason is that it is exceptionally convenient way to park. All of the parking in and around the airport is located within a few minutes' drive of the airport. The fact that you get to use a shuttle bus to be taken to the airport means that being located slightly off-site is not an issue or inconvenience. The parking in the area is secure with most sites having full CCTV, security patrols and lighting. The vast majority of sites are fully fenced, which adds to their security.
Parking in this way is the most cost-effective way of arriving at the airport. Prices are low enough to beat the cost of arriving by public transport. Car parks open throughout the day and night meaning that even if you are flying at strange times you can still use this car parking service.

If you prefer you can order a meet and greet service. When using this type of service you drive to the airport and are met there by a chauffeur who takes your car away and parks it for you. When you arrive home, the whole process is reversed.

If you want to have your car cleaned whilst it is parked up at the airport you can. Most of the car parks offer a full valeting service. You have to pay slightly more for this, however most people find that it is well worth doing so.

Finding the Best Pink Parking Luton Airport Deal
By far the best way to book your Pink Parking Luton Airport service is to do so over the web. By using, a specialist price comparison and discount parking website to do so you get access to more discounts. This means that this is the quickest way of finding the best deal.

Visit the Luton parking discounts website to book your Pink Parking Luton Airportservice, and secure the best deal available.

Article By: james Bond

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