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From the burgeoning demands of the Taxman, to challenging business rates, to onerously competitive marketplaces, the pinches being dished out from many different directions continue to be acutely felt by small to medium sized businesses who are already struggling to perform to expectations. Furthermore, whilst the recent hikes in the price of postage might seem to be the most minor of concerns by comparison, recent research carried out by software giant Sage suggests that the significant increase in the cost of first and second class postage deals yet another bitter blow to small business owners.

Most businesses have reduced their volumes of written correspondence, collateral distribution and invoicing by post, replacing the traditional method with electronic alternatives. Yet 62% of businesses that took part in the research claimed that their competitive edge will be adversely affected as a direct result of Royal Mail’s price hikes. A further 10% of participating businesses have no doubts that their consequent increased expenditure will have serious repercussions.

The going may be unquestionably tough, yet prudent small business owners continue to look towards the streamlining of their inwardly facing functions, such as HR payroll, in order to offset unavoidable spiralling costs. Numerous small and medium sized business owners choose to outsource these complex and time consuming functions to professional human resources and payroll companies. By doing so, they find the financial pressure eased by expert HR and payroll solutions on as pay as you go basis, thus freeing up their time, and the time of their team members, to maximise output.
At Moorepay, we provide tailor made human resources and payroll services that are specifically designed and delivered with small businesses at heart. We understand just how important HR payroll is to every business, and we couple expert advice, implementation and support with cost effectiveness.

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Article By: Lee Malcolm

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