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An office fit-out is something on the level of an office refurbishment but more related to fittings as the name office fit-out would imply. An office fit-out can range from very small jobs to far larger ones within the office environment. A small office fit-out job can be considered something like getting new appliances for employee kitchens, or new chairs when old ones are far beyond the point where they can be used.

A larger office fit-out job includes effectively replacing electrical wiring through the office or changing the phone or computer systems entirely. Most office fit-out operations are based around electrical, computer, or electrical changes in the building. An office fit-out when it comes to replacing computer systems could effectively be done in a single night if you employ tech staff to work after hours, but actually making sure they are connected and running correctly could take a while longer. This kind of office fit-out can be an extended operation in the sense that it may take several days to work out kinks and bugs. At the very worst it could take weeks or months to pin down a problem in the system and eliminate it either through hardware or software changes. An office fit-out of this kind when done smoothly will not be intrusive at all and in the best case scenario entirely unnoticeable when it comes to any issues.

An office fit-out when it comes to phone lines may be a little more tricky, it could quite easily take more time and effort than many other forms of office fit-out, and in a lot of cases could cause many ongoing problems. Phone lines are usually very linear when it comes to setting them up, but in an office fit-out situation you need to do a lot more work in ensuring the entire office is patched into the phone network along with making sure any features such as conference calls and call transferring runs correctly. On top of this staff also needs adequate training in the processes brought in with the office fit-out and any new equipment that may be brought in during it.
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Article By: William Pollard

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