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What makes an office a great place to work?

If your office environment is dark, dismal and uninspiring, it will no doubt have an impact on not only your mood but also your work!! It is believed that a good working environment increases productivity. But what actually makes an office a great place to work?

Well, I would start with the lighting; good office lighting will not only enhance your workplace, it could also have a significant effect on how you and your employees feel and how you perform. Poor lighting can result in eye-strain, headaches, fatigue and stress. Where possible you should look to maximise on natural daylight. I understand that not everyone can sit by the window, so maybe think about replacing solid walls with glass partitioning, so that daylight can filter throughout the workplace. If this is not possible then suitable artificial lighting should be present.
You should also consider the air quality within the workplace. Temperature control can be a real nuisance in an office. If an office has inadequate heating then it can cause very cold temperatures in winter months, whereas in the summer months (maybe I should change that to weeks, we are in the UK after all!!) warm temperatures can be equally as awkward to work in. An answer to these problems is to install air conditioning and heating systems. The physical comfort of you and your staff effects how jobs are performed. Installing air conditioning can greatly improve the productivity of most workplaces, not only is it great for cleaning the air by removing impurities such as dust, pollen and general dirt it can also aid concentration. Air temperature should be constantly maintained at a certain level to ensure that people can work to their potential without feeling too hot or too cold.
Noise pollution can be very annoying at the best of times, even more so in an office environment. There can be many causes such as thin walls between offices, noisy equipment; printers, photocopiers etc… and/or telephones constantly ringing. This can be distracting especially if the business is accustomed to a quiet environment. Obviously it is vital to hear the phone ringing, so a solution to this would be to install screens around desks and/or equipment that have acoustic properties or even reduce the ring volume slightly of the telephone.
Add colour to your workspace. Experts believe that the use of colour in the workplace can affect moods, behaviour and even how people perceive your business... I feel that the use of colour should be a key consideration in the overall design of a workspace. Workplaces benefit from an injection of colour; however, I’m not saying cover every wall in vibrant colours, small touches of colour can make a big difference. For instance; rather than paint an entire room in a strong colour, why not pick out a single feature wall, say the wall behind the reception desk. Artwork is also a great way to add a splash of colour.
Plants can add instant colour to your workplace, although they do more than enhance the appearance of your surroundings, they also help to clean the air; the leaves, stems and roots cleanse the air we breathe indoors by removing airborne purities. According to research, plants can make an office a more welcoming and less stressful place.

More and more businesses are starting to realise the benefits of providing their employees with an ergonomic working environment and if it results in less absenteeism through injury or illness and you have a happy workforce, what have you got to lose? Correct chair height, sufficient space, adequate equipment and good posture can help you and your staff stay comfortable and injury free.

And finally, a clean and tidy workspace plays a large part in creating a good working environment. I think you’ll agree the office is a place which can get cluttered very easily. Files, papers, office equipment and personal items can easily mount up, making the space and desks look untidy. A tidy office can encourage efficient and accurate work from staff.

It’s safe to say that good office design can go a long way to increasing productivity, boosting morale and basically making your office a great place to work! If you are looking at improving your office environment, Whitespace will have the answer.

Article By: james Bond

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