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It doesn't take a Fortune 500 CEO to know that proper business card is needed to inspire others and capture attentions. Business cards can help people know who you are and what you are offering. By being aware of common business cards mistakes, it is more likely to avoid them. These are nine likely blunders found on some business cards:

  1. Tiny Print: Some business cards have prints so miniscule people can hardly read anything on them. After holding the business card under bright light and straining their eyes to "crack the codes", people will eventually throw it into the trashcan. Make sure address, website, phone number and business name are easy to read. People would only spend a few seconds when reading business cards.
  2. No Physical Address: It may be hard to believe, but many business cards don't have physical address on them. Holding back essential contact information can be harmful and this may hint a poorly established company. However, seriously consider whether it's necessary to provide address if you have home business as some people may have wrongful intentions. In this case, offer only phone number and email address.
  3. Slick and Glossy Texture: While it's recommended to design business cards that "feel" different than others, glossy surface is difficult to write on. The slippery plastic makes it harder for people to write additional information.
  4. Blank Back: Many business owners don't realize that the back of their business card is valuable real estate, Use it to put coupons or other special offers. This would give people a good reason to hold on your business card.
  5. No Image: At an exhibition event, visitors may collect more than 50 business cards. The absence of images may make your business card less memorable. Pictures can create instant recall when used properly.
  6. Incongruence: Some business cards fail to represent business' specializations. Add website URL if you are a web designer or toll-free number if you offer too-free service.
  7. No Attractive Tagline: Create a memorable tagline that expresses the benefit of choosing your business. You can grab potential customers by the eyeballs with tangible promises on the tagline, such as money back guarantee if the product doesn't arrive within 2 or 3 days.
  8. Not Unique Enough: Vast majority of business cards we collect in an exhibition event looks mostly similar. To make something unique, you need to get a little creative. You can put a tiny magnet to the back of cards so they attach on metal surface, such as fridge. Other ideas include a mini map on the back, contact details in Braille, cropped corners, protective sleeve and innovative card shapes that correspond to business fields, like Teddy bear for doll stores.
  9. Improper Size: Some business users use oversized business cards to stand out, but this can cause usability problems. If you use smaller size, make sure the cards won't be lost easily and if you use bigger size, make sure it can still fit inside a wallet.


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