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Depending on the sector of industry you work in, your day-to-day environment may be more hazardous than others. For example, if you work in a factory or warehouse, there are specific regulations in place to ensure forklift trucks and other machinery is operated in a safe and responsible manner. If you work in a kitchen - perhaps in a restaurant or business canteen - there should be strict criteria for safety there, too. But no matter how many rules and regulations there are, accidents can happen, and when they do, your life may see great upheaval. So how do you go about making a claim?

As soon as an accident occurs, you should ensure it is reported in the company's accident book - when you come to make a claim, this may be used as evidence. All businesses must have insurance to cover any claims made as a result of an accident - known as Employers Liability Insurance - which ensures they can pay out when necessary.

These days, there has never been more help available when pursuing personal injury claims against your employer. Some people may feel they were somehow at fault for their accident, but in many cases the company itself has neglected to observe the full safety measures required of the environment. There are times when the company has been genuinely unaware of specific faults with equipment or a lack of training, yet in these cases ignorance is no excuse - if you have been injured and are not at fault, there may be a very strong case to bring against your employers. There are also regulations in place to prevent your employer dismissing you for filing a work injury claim against them - if this occurs, you may have a strong case to file an unfair dismissal claim against them, too.
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