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The buying and selling of goods electronically, or e-commerce as it is commonly known, has forever changed the way business is done throughout the world. Nearly every product from canned beans to shower caps and even Rolex watches can be purchased with the use of your internet browser and the click of a button.

Luxury E-commerce Receives 98% of the Traffic

Although slow to jump on the e-commerce band wagon, luxury brand manufacturers have decided to join this marketing phenomenon. A recent study found that 81% of the 42 websites featuring luxury brand merchandise also sell their merchandise online. The study also found that 98% of the traffic is targeted toward sites that engage in luxury e-commerce, with the remaining 2% going to non-ecommerce websites.
Popular high-end merchandise retailers like Ralph Lauren command the most traffic with a staggering 39.2% of the traffic, with familiar luxury brands like Louis Vitton (11.8%), Gucci (10.9%), and Michael Kors (6.6%) not far behind.

Luxury E-commerce Shoppers Tend to be Young

The typical luxury e-commerce shopper that visits these luxury brand sites tends to be aged 34 or younger. Most shoppers do not engage in cross-brand shopping as they already know the item and the brand they intend to purchase. Media campaigns have contributed a great deal to this trend of luxury e-commerce loyalty among brand merchandise consumerism.

Search Engines Drive Traffic to Luxury Brand Sites
Aside from word-of-mouth advertising and the authoritative status of their brands, search engine marketing is a major tool used by luxury e-commerce websites. Let’s have a look at the traffic stats below:

Search engines drive about 33.1% of the traffic to luxury brand sites
Facebook contributes nearly 7.1% of the traffic
Google Inc. garnered 25.1% of the traffic
And other social networks contribute their fair share of 9.8%.
The search engines driving the least traffic to luxury brand sites were comparison shopping engines with just 1.4%. Websites such as Gilt Groupe Inc., Ideeli and RueLaLa stirred some chatter - but little in the way of traffic - with just 0.2%. If you run a luxury e-commerce website you can now target your marketing appropriately.

The number of luxury e-commerce brands selling their products online has grown substantially in recent years so make sure your business is not left behind.

Article By: David Jones

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