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Technology is getting more and more sophisticated day by day. Every day we see a new gadget been launched in the market. From mobile phones to television, the technology behind them keeps on updating with new and unique features.

Talking about the television segment, LCD’s and LED’s have gained a lot of popularity due to their enhanced features and looks. Now LG is ready to launch a far better tv than lcd and led. Lg is prepared with the new technology known as OLED. Oled stands for organic light emitting diode which comprises of new features, the most amazing part of LG Oled TV is that these television sets do not use backlight for picture display. The oled tv is very thin in comparison to lcd and led and offers very fine picture quality. Oled’s have amazing brightness, color and rapid response time.

What OLED comprises of?     
An oled is an organic light emitting diode comprises of emissive electroluminescent layer that is a film of organic compounds emitting light in response to electric current. This layer of organic semi-conductor material is placed between two electrodes. There are two main families of oled; one is based on small molecules and the other one on polymers. OLED displays can use either active matrix or passive matrix addressing schemes to display quality graphics to the viewer.

What’s new about the OLED?

This is the most advanced technology of the time capable of discharging light without using backlight. Oled’s saves a lot of energy and operates for long time when powered from a battery. Another very interesting feature of the oled which makes oled very popular is that there is no loss in picture quality when viewed from different angles. Oled emits light directly from the surface, extending the viewing angle to 180 degrees along with providing superb, highly saturated colors without dimming as seen in lcd and led. Taking clue from formula 1 racing cars, carbon fiber is used to form the exteriors of the TVs. The TV will be available in three mounting versions: table mount, wall mount and pole mount. Each configuration incorporates the same oled panel but the different case. In low light conditions such as dark room, an oled screen can achieve higher contrast ratio than lcd or led.

Though the contemporary technology itself comes with an elevated price tag, the savings lies in power use over the time. With abiding developments, the initial cost of a TV with OLED display will also begin to decline.

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