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   Do you want your color flyers to have a good reception on your target market? Well then, you will want to know a few specific key characteristics about your intended readers to really plan your flyer printing.

   If you look at the list below you will see all the important market research data that you will want to get for your audience. With these crucial data, you should easily be able to adapt your printing output to become ideal and attractive to your audience.

   1.     Traveling habits of your audience – You should always try to get information about the travel habits of your audience. This kind of information represents key marketing data that you should always get because it will shape how you will deploy your prints of course. Make sure that when you do market research, you should have a location or traffic report that details where your target audiences go and travel to. This might take some footwork, or sometimes you can buy the statistics from statistic gathering companies.
   2.     Financial capacity of your audience – Of course, in flyer marketing you will always want to know the financial capacity of your audience. If you know that they are rich or poor, you will know exactly how you can approach your printing and design. Rich target markets will require you to print impressive and expensive outputs while more middle class or lower class markets will put more value on the thrifty content. So make sure that you gather the financial data about your audiences through surveys and direct interviews when possible.

   3.     Racial and Cultural influences of your audience – Your audience’s race and cultural influences should be a big determining factor in your design. This is because people typically relate more to marketing messages that they can identify with culturally and racially. Figure out the dominant race and culture of your target market. By knowing exactly this, you should be able to cater your designs to them, producing something that they can easily identify with and understand. A brief survey or even just some ocular observations in your market should help you do this.

    4.     Gender and orientation of your audience – Of course, gender and sexual orientation plays a big factor in your designs today. Depending on the predominant sex and the sexual orientation of your target audience, you will want to adjust the color schemes, content and formatting to make your marketing material appealing to them. Men for example will not really respond to pink and flowery flyers while women generally will love it. Thus, it is good to do a survey and see exactly to which sex and sexual orientation you are marketing to.

   5.     Age of your audience – Finally, the Age is of course something you should know about in your audiences. You must know exactly from which age bracket your audience belongs to so that you can adjust your content to better reflect the needs and wants of those people. Younger audiences typically have different priorities, which will need specific marketing messages for you to exploit. The same is true with every age bracket really, so you should be easily adaptable and know exactly what those ages want to respond.
   You must try these key market data. Know more about your market will result to having better flyers and marketing campaign.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in flyers and flyer printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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